Midseason replacements on my TiVo

After getting a TiVo last year, I attempted something I haven’t really done before — watch new shows when they premiere.

In the VCR days, I would catch a new show only when it went into syndication. I never watched the first three seasons of The West Wing till Bravo aired reruns. And I can’t watch Without a Trace at its appointed time since its up against Battlestar Galactica and Brothers & Sisters.

So I watched a whole bunch of the serials trotted out this season and bailed on all of them. I didn’t pick up any of the midseason replacements, but I did add a few shows I hadn’t watched before.

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Second life, TV style

A show that doesn’t get high ratings may get canceled, but a boxed set of that show selling tens of thousands of copies could be considered a success, so reports the Boston Globe.

As a result, some pretty obscure shows are coming out on DVD, and if enough folks who watched them the first time buy those sets, they can be profitable.

Myself, I wouldn’t mind the second season of Boomtown hitting DVD. And will we ever see the ABC cyberpunk series Max Headroom on DVD? I would get that in a heartbeat.