Teh pr0n

I just tried to sit through the pilot episode of Dante’s Cove on DVD. My mistake was waiting for some sort of storyline to emerge. If I go back to watching this DVD anytime this weekend, I’m just going to fast-forward to the man-on-man sex scenes, of which there are many and are quite graphic. Aside from that, this show really stinks. It inspires me to sit my ass down and write my police procedural with gay characters.

Unintended effect, part the second

I thought TiVo would be responsible for many hours chained in front of a television set. On weekends, that sometimes happens.

But I think I’m probably watching less TV than before I switched.

I’ve developed a habit with the machine — TiVo will catch it for me, I can watch it later. "Later." That’s the catch, isn’t it?

"Later" sometimes never comes. Last month, I was working on a project that required a number of hours each evening. I ended up watching a lot of TiVo over the Thanksgiving holiday because a three-week backlog built up.

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Unintended effect, part the first

TV commercials for Apple products usually come off as smug, but I have to say I’m really liking the Mac and PC commercials featuring John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac.

The only problem is that these commercials aren’t convincing me to make the switch. I’m not the only one. In fact, they make me glad I’m a PC owner. I wasn’t inclined to get a Mac in the first place, and these commercials pretty much tell me not to.

I work with some pretty technical stuff sometimes, and if the PC excels at it, as the ad spots would have you believe, why would I even consider getting a "lifestyle" machine such as the Mac? Here’s a wonderfully executed ad campaign that achieves exactly the opposite of what it aims to do.