The unopened DVD list

If I can get behind with my TiVo-watching, there’s little to say — if any at all — about my DVD viewing. I’m not the kind of person who just throws in a DVD on a weekend. I’m usually pre-occupied with some kind of work that ties me to the computer. As a result, I get more entertainment from my media player than I do from the DVD player.

That doesn’t stop me from buy the occasional DVD from time to time. It doesn’t mean I actually get to watch them.

So I figure I may as well make a list of DVDs I own but have yet to open. I’m including movies as well. At some point, perhaps I’ll crack them open and revisit what made me like that particular story in the first place.

  • Dogma I think I bought this DVD because I was sick of watching the cleaned-up version on Comedy Central.
  • Gilmore Girls, Seasons 5 and 6 I own every season of this show except 4 and 7. Season 7 was made without Amy Sherman-Palladino, and Season 4 just had a weak story arc. I don’t think I’ve cracked open Seasons 5 and 6 because they just don’t have quite the sparkle of Seasons 1-3.
  • Good Will Hunting I figured if I already own Dogma, I may as well own this other Ben and Matt movie as well.
  • Heights There are two reasons I bought this DVD. Opening scene of James Marsden without a shirt, and Marsden kissing Jesse Bradford toward the end. I have little opinion about Marsden, but Bradford …
  • Loggerheads Tess Harper, Chris Sarandon and Bonnie Hunt are all terrific in this film, but it is such a downer.
  • The Little Mermaid I’m actually waiting for Beauty and the Beast to come out of the vault again, but I figure I may as well get The Little Mermaid before it went back in.
  • The Living End I sold my VHS copy of this movie by mistake. I still want to see how it’s been "remastered".
  • Once I can’t bring myself to watch this movie again, for fear that the second time around might sully the really favorable first impression I have of it.
  • Veronica Mars, Seasons 1 and 2 I actually started watching this show in its third and final season, and I bought these sets because they were on sale. I haven’t committed to watching them yet.
  • The West Wing, Season 7 The only other season I’d like to get post-Sorkin is Season 6. But I got this because it too was on sale.