4 thoughts on “No”

  1. Aw, why not? I’ve found it to be a uniquely wonderful idea and, if it plays out as well/successfully as it does in those little 30-second commercial vignettes, I think it could very well stand a chance of being one of the few entertaining comedic programs out there.

  2. Please feel free to gloat and chant “I told you so.”
    A disgruntled pilot viewer who definitely will not be tuning in to that show again

  3. Nah, I’m not going to gloat. I’m just going to shrug. I never found the cavemen commercials funny, and even worse, they pretty much turned me off to the product they were endorsing. How they ever struck a chord will just confound me in the same way people find, say, Paris Hilton newsworthy.

  4. See, I found those commercials amusing in that they played around with racial/ethnic portrayals of individuals in the media and how certain groups of individuals belonging to those racial/ethnic groups might find stereotypical portrayals of same to be offensive. It’s sorta meta, in a way. A commercial series spoofing all sides of what is still considered to be touchy territory, only using a nonexistent classification of people to bring that into fruition. Or maybe it’s just that I’m a member of Gen Y and we have no problems playing with sacred cows and using irony for laughs. We’re a pretty callous generation, to tell you the truth, and those commercials require a sort of callous sense of humor. I think. I may be going off on a nonsensical tangent at an hour when I should logically be asleep.
    BTW, hi, delurking after having read your various journals over the course of the last ten years. Your blog was the first one I read, back when I was in high school, and as a result I believe your writing style has influenced me. Oh, and going back to response mode: I think not understanding why “people find, say, Paris Hilton newsworthy” is independent of any classifications whatsoever. Maybe it’s the car crash “the bitch, she CRAZY” element to her directionless life, maybe it’s the schadenfreude in all of us that longs to see her crash and burn, or maybe it’s just a case of wanting to keep up with news that’s uncomplicated in an era when everything that’s truly newsworthy is also extremely complex and fraught with contradictions.

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