Vincent Libretti is made of kevlar …

… because it is infathomable how he keeps dodging the bullet. Has there been any point in the season where he hasn’t been one of the bottom three?

Having a single day to make a dress out of recyclable materials is … kind of dick. But it does make for great television.

Speaking about bullets, some bullet points:

  • I really like how Michael has come to the fore with his designs. He started out the season in the background, and now he’s won two challenges in a row.
  • Jeffrey needs to shut the hell up. The recyclable challenge was certainly up his alley, and yet I really like Michael Kors comment about Jeffrey’s aesthetic — ugly beautiful. I choose to interpret that as ugly beautiful.
  • Laura made a clean dress, which goes a long way in judging. But there isn’t much variety in her style.
  • Kayne — boy knew he had an ugly dress, and he made it work as best he could.
  • I’m glad Robert shook himself off from that boring streak. Tim disagrees, though.
  • Angela has really shifted her game. She started off the season establishing low expectations of her work, but now she’s really fighting back.
  • Allison stumbled on this challenge, which is a shame because she’s done such terrific work all season. I wished she could have gone further.
  • Vincent is beyond annoying. The magnitude of his delusion is astronomical. And he has no talent. Fashion was bad to him the first time around for a reason.