I’m glad the funny is back

The last three episodes of The Closer haven’t been big on the funny.

The best dramatic writing somehow includes the funny in all the righteous indignation. The West Wing managed it with random banter about falling satellites, Andrew Jackson’s big block of cheese and "abstinence-plus".

"Critical Missing" from three weeks back had no funny, and "Heroic Measures" was rehashed Law & Order. "The Other Woman" from last week had some funny but not as much as the shows from the first half of the season.

This past week’s episode, "Borderline" found Sgt. Gabriel channeling a vacationing Lt. Tao, Brenda bumming off everyone’s cell and Lauren Tom guest starring as a really crazy coroner.

Brenda’s indignation about the fender bender, though, was too far out, even for her.

But after some experimentation with the tone, the funny is back on The Closer. In time for the upcoming season finale. So soon?