Mr. O’Brien, you have to come out of the closet …

I can’t say I was all that interested by the nominations, and I only tuned into the Emmy’s because it was something to watch before the season finale of The 4400.

But Conan O’Brien’s shennanigans reeled me in. I really could have cared less for the awards themselves, but I just wanted to see what Conan had up his sleeve.

Oh dear.

The whole bit with Lost in the opening montage — bittersweet! The House "possibly albino" crack — excellent! And Conan O’Brien in the South Park closet — sweet!

Then the whole song and dance about NBC’s woes — that took guts. To point out just how bad the network is doing seems like a sure-fire way to piss off the bosses. But man, you gotta give points to Conan for climbing Mount Everest in his shorts on a very cold day. (To quote the great Steven Hill as Adam Schiff.)

Christopher Meloni on a Segway and Bob Newhart with only three hours of air — ultimately more interesting than seeing Kyra Sedgwick not win the Emmy for best actress and Project Runway not win the Emmy for best reality series.

(I don’t watch any other reality show, so I can’t be objective in that regard. I do look forward to what Kathy Griffin has to say after losing out to Ty Pennington.)

This year was the first time I watched the broadcast with the TiVo, so it was really neat being able to watch The 4400 on one tuner, then switch to the other, rewind what I missed, speed through it, then go back to The 4400.

I can’t wait to see how Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert play the Emmy win of The Daily Show out on their respective shows.