Too busy watching TV to update this site

You know, I bought the domain because I was writing about TV way too much on my personal blog. Now that I have this sliver of the Interweb, I neglect it.

It would be funny if I were watching so much TV that I don’t have time to update, but as I mentioned before, TiVo actually lets me do other things during the week, leaving my weekends free to be chained to the television set.

I have only so much blogging energy in me, and I’ve been expending it on a New Year’s resolution to turn my music site into an MP3 blog. I’ve been running this feature called “365 Days, 365 Files”, where I post a song from my CD collection everyday, and it’s been monopolizing my time.

I just want to say, yes, television is still my drug of choice — certainly far and above movies — and I’m getting my regular fix. Writing about it, though, is a separate challenge entirely.