Far behind

Yes, this site and my sad movie site are the neglected children next to its oldest brethren. (Yeah, I think the last movie I watched in a theater was Borat.) I kept posting there instead of spreading myself evenly, thereby missing the chance to comment on a number of news items of late.

So now I have to play catch up. And I still haven’t even weighed in on the season finales.

  • Law & Order cast changes

    So Fred Dalton Thompson is leaving to run for President, and Jeremy Sisto joins as Det. Ed Green’s new partner. I didn’t mind Milena Govich so much, but I appreciated Alana de Garza’s presence far more. Finally, an assistant D.A. as remotely as watchable as Abby Carmichael. The show is quite long in the tooth, and as sad as I would have been if it didn’t dodge the cancellation bullet, I wouldn’t have been broken up. There’s still SVU and my TV crush, Mike Doyle.

  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent moves to cable

    I was incredibly intrigued by the idea of Law & Order: Mothership heading to cable. TNT already does a spectacular job with The Closer, which was created as a companion piece for syndicated episodes of Law & Order. But moving Criminal Intent to the USA Network also makes sense. Aside from the endless SVU syndication, Criminal Intent mixes in nicely with USA’s homespun detective comedies. And one less show on NBC’s slot makes space for something else hopefully along the lines of Friday Night Lights.

  • Battlestar Galactica ends after next season

    Yes, I would have loved to watch this show for another season or two, but in reality, I’m far more appreciative of Ronald D. Moore and David Eick having the creative guts to give this story an ending. If only Lost could have followed its lead and wrapped up the rest of its story next season …

  • Veronica Mars gets canceled

    Well, hell. I only started watching this show this season. At least the DVDs of previous seasons are on sale at Target till July 2.