Knee-jerk reactions: 2007 fall season

I just wanted to jot some notes down. As if I have the luxury of time to write a real entry for this site:

  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Get rid of Adam Beach and bring back Mike Doyle, please.
  • Desperate Housewives Still can’t fucking stand Gaby and Susan. I kind of liked how they were softening Edie last season, but oh well — it was nice when it lasted. I think the Season Pass is going to get removed at some point.
  • Law & Order: Criminal Intent This show is still CSIzed, but at least it’s not as heavy-handed as last season.
  • Bleach Goddamn, I hate the Don Kanonji episodes.
  • Dirty Sexy Money I should care about a bunch of bored rich white people, why?
  • Pushing Daisies Could have sworn I programmed the pilot to be recorded.
  • Chuck So far my favorite new show, even if Matthew Bomer is shown only in passing.

2 thoughts on “Knee-jerk reactions: 2007 fall season”

  1. I LOVE “Dirty Sexy Money”. It’s being promoted all wrong. It is way, way more interesting than it looks. And Donald Sutherland is a god.

  2. I watched the pilot, and … no. I still don’t know why I should care about some bored, white rich people. Maybe it’s because I can recognize which New York City actors were defendants on “Law & Order”.

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