Of delusion and ego

I was sorry to see Kayne do so poorly with the black-and-white challenge since it meant more of Sebelia’s asshattery. If he makes the final three, that’s it — I’m writing the season off.

If he wins, I’m writing the show off. (And it’s the first season I’ve ever watched all the way through.)

Sebelia is too much of a fuckwit to allow me to appreciate his work. Richard Wagner was a womanizing anti-Semite, but he created work of such magnitude, it’s studied by students and professors. Sebelia’s art isn’t good enough to overcome his bullshit.

At this point, I’m not going to expend any time and energy authoring a DVD set from my TiVo MPEGs. I’m not interested in seeing any of the re-runs.

I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 years old. After 20 years, I would like to think I have a handle on the creative process, and the work I produce entertains me.

It doesn’t really move anyone else — especially if the near non-existent feedback I get from my own friends is any indication — but what matters is that my songs speak to me and that I feel proud to have created them.

There is part of me — the God complex — that likes to think I’m onto something, I’m doing something few others are doing, let alone anyone else. Part of me thinks I could maybe "make" something out of it.

But then I encounter someone like Vincent Libretti, and I think to myself, "There but for the grace of God …"

I would never want to live in a mental state where I’m oblivious to the shortcomings of my abilities. I’ve been around too many scientific types to ignore empirical evidence.

The man thinks he should have been one of the final three. Ex-squeeze me? And the number of times you were criticized by the judges and elegantly trashed by Tim Gunn is not an indication you suck, how?

Perhaps the reason you had to get out of fashion the first time was because you shouldn’t have been in it in the first place?

I’m not exactly in the position to judge since I have never really made a go out of making a music career. But as someone who spends time and money on creative endeavors, I’ve found a healthy sense of realism helpful.

Vincent Libretti cannot be helped.