‘Psych’ returns for 2nd season

News that Psych would be picked up for a second season leaked weeks ago, but USA Network made an official announcement. The second half of season one picks up again in January.

I was interested in this show because of Dulé Hill, who played the understated Charlie Young on The West Wing. The pre-season commercials plugging the show before its July 7 premiere didn’t give me much hope — the show looked pretty bad by those commercials. ("Dude! This CD case is so sweet!")

But I gave the pilot a chance. Hill and James Roday, who plays fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer, have such a terrific chemistry, they make the friendship between their two characters feel like it has deep roots. I came back week after week to watch that chemistry.

It’s nice to encounter a show where suspending your belief is an enjoyable part of it.