Bulleted list

Rather than make a series of short entries, I’m putting them in one long bulleted list because I’m efficient (or lazy) like that.

  • Thank you, Law & Order producers, for reinstating the non-remixed version of the original theme. Some dolt decided adding more percussion to the big timpani of the theme song would fit well with the show’s remodeling. It didn’t. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t been out of reach of the TiVo remote. I usually fast-forward through the opening.
  • A few episodes back, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit opened with a shot of Christopher Meloni in his BVDs. I will admit to slowing down the TiVo to catch a glimpse of his crotch.
  • While I’m still on the topic of Law & Order, does anyone like what they’ve done to Criminal Intent? A friend of mine pointed to a series of posts by James Wolcott describing the make-over a “CSI-zation” of the show, and I just don’t find it very … Law & Order. I miss Jamey Sheridan.
  • It sounds like Gilmore Girls, and it feels like Gilmore Girls but at this point, you can really tell the Paladinos have left the building.
  • I know it’s just a TV show, but how can Rory Gilmore go through four years at Yale without befriending one gay person? I had a secret wish that the next time we see Marty, he would have a boyfriend in tow. I don’t know why.
  • Now that Friday Night Lights has been picked up for a full season, I guess my pontificating about it being “brilliant but canceled” may have been premature. I guess we’ll see whether it gets a second season.
  • I didn’t watch the fall season finale of Lost, but I listened to it while I battled a Windows XP installation. I can’t say I was impressed with what I heard.
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip got a full-season order? Man, NBC must really be sucking. (I really have to remove that Season Pass on the TiVo.)
  • John Oliver is turning out to be the new star correspondent on The Daily Show. Hearing him talk urban in an English accent while maintaining newscaster intonation? Oh man …
  • I really find the diversity on Ugly Betty thoroughly refreshing.